So you go to run on the treadmill and both of them are broken it figures just my luck. How does this happen? I’m at a Holiday Inn and I haven’t run since Sunday. All excited and ready to go. And those treadmills are down. Two treadmills and neither one works. What a pisser. I’m on the stupid bike. Needless to say it sucks.

Lollipop Day

It’s National Lollipop Day and no one told me?  Not that I eat candy, but still.

Church, Run, Pack, Get ready to head back to AZ.

Say my goodbyes.

Where am I going to run in Sun Valley?  The gym is boring.  It’s a small gym and running in circles gets old, quick.  Although it was a great starting point.  There’s a trail, but it’s only a mile, and yes you can run back and forth, but still…

There’s a road, but there’s dogs.  I hate dogs.  I’m not afraid to admit I’m morbidly afraid of strange dogs.  It’s also a pretty deserted area.  That concerns me as well.  A pretty deserted area within a very short distance of I40.  Yeah, I want to run alone on the road.  Sure.  I’ve seen those shows…

I need to win the lottery.  Or someone should just give me a million dollars.  Then I could run and just run, and do nothing but run.  And maybe shop for running clothes and shoes.  And run.  At 44 I finally found something I can do, by myself, for myself, in my own head, and feel good, and get lost in thought… and disappear, mentally, (hopefully not on some deserted road in the middle of nowhere in AZ)… then I could afford all my Paleo foods, and then run.  Nothing left to do but run…. Let’s run.

BIzzy if you’re reading this, I’m not stalking you.  I liked a post that came up on my feed.  Blog away.